Saturday, June 09, 2007

Spacing Out

Such a long time without writing. Well, the semester is done and it does not look like I will have a class this summer, so far only 4 students! I'll have some work though through my old job and the new one. Always something. I had a lovely visit from my cousin this last week. It was hilarious how, for not having spent time together for the last 30 or so years, we have so much in common. It was great to reconnect with her and get to know one of her daughters. I did recognized my mother, my daughter and myself in her and that was almost surreal in a way. We are about the same size, our hair is very similar, and we have very similar habits. Her daughter and the Kid were laughing at us. It was so great to speak my own language for a whole week!

The Kid is in Fiji, enjoying herself I hope and sweating, at least that is what she told me! She called really quickly to let us know she arrived fine. She should have a great experience, but I will miss seeing her for some time.

We are gearing up for our music festival next week-end. I can't wait, it's always so fun and relaxing too. Although I just had a week off this week. A friend commented a while ago "why don't we work two weeks and have the rest off?" I could sign up for that program. I am currently reading a book with a society where there is no money. People work at their specialty and also do some "community" work, like cleaning and such at regular interval. If they don't work for some time, they still are cared for, but most find some area of interest and work regularly. I love Utopias, don't you?

I spent most of the morning setting up, or I should say resetting, our wireless router so we can use more than one computer at a time, and after speaking with this nice technician, finally got it going. Yeah! So now I can write in bed! Maybe that will encourage me to blog more before going to sleep. We will see.


Blogger Karla said...

There's something about seeing cousins, I think. My mother and I have the same experience seeing relatives we haven't seen in ages... we just sort of settle right in to the conversation like it wasn't odd at all.

It's nice to have relatives that are companionable without being all wrapped up in your daily problems.

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