Thursday, June 30, 2005

Techno Time

I had a great time last night going to a concert at slo brew. My good friend and co-worker the Spin Master recommended it. Here I was listening to this beautiful young woman who sings like magic. It felt good to let the stress of the day get out of my tense body through dancing and enjoying the sounds. Usually the crowd is really young and yesterday was no exception. I was struck by how society is changing over the years. I have always been sort of a "dancing fool," and attended a variety of venues to enjoy music and dancing. From past smoking bars where you can't see three feet in front of yourself to the current non-smoking, electronic times.

In the crowd last night, most folks had a cell phone or a camera, and all were snapping pictures of the artists, each other, the crowd, dancers, etc. I started to muse about what happens to all this photographs? With the advent of digital camera, we are even more focused on instant gratification. We can see the picture right away and get rid of it just as fast. So many folks also chat on the phone during the performance as they dance and talk to the friends they came to the event with. I can't hardly hear my phone, and marvel at how much stimulation we now need to feel alive. Not that I think negatively about this, but just how different things get through the years, and how interesting it is to observe. I always was a people watcher. Human behaviors certainly are fascinating.

Also I must add: Yeah for Canada! I knew we could do things right! It is now legal for same sex partners to marry in Canada. Makes the little maple leaf inside of me jump for joy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I did it! (not again)

I guess I feel like I'm taking a plunge, getting a blog started! I'm not sure how much time I will have to write on here, although I do enjoy reading the rants and raves of all the other folks on here. I guess the political debates have spurred me on to get started. Particularly I enjoyed the wireless' letter to a school board trying to include creationism, excuse me, intellingent design as science curriculum. There was also another link to a new theory of a spaghetti monster that created the universe. Although not a blog, I found it through a blog and found it most amusing.

I am a big fan of the Daily Show and last night's episode gave me a good laugh when Jon Stewart came up with various quotes attempting to explain why the prez is loosing grounds in approval ratings. The winners: Americans (because we are genetically predisposed to want fast results), the media (because they are showing "around the clock" some of the destructions caused by the war), and Michael Jackson (because his trial has taken away media space to promote the prez). There was another one but I forget what it was. I love how he finds these quotes by congressmen, senators and the prez himself at their finest.

I spent last week-end with some friends who are quite silly and we had a great time reliving some of the best scenes from "Team America." I think my favorite is the opening scene where team america blasts Paris to save the French from terrorists. After destroying the city they talk lovingly to kids telling them that they are safe now while in the background there are burning buildings and dead bodies everywhere. That's how we clean up the world!