Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Silly Question

Spin is well acquainted with my challenges with computers. Although I am somewhat functional, I also have moments where the darn things drive me batty and I can't get them to do what I want. So this is a plea to all of those out there who are expert in blogland and who feel so inclined to lend me a hand. Some folks state that they can find out who has visited their sites and where in the world the visitors are from. How do you do that? I have a blog counter, but I can't see how to get info on who visits, only the end number of hits. Can anyone enlighten me?

Zatím (čech for: meanwhile) I continue to plan my trip to Quebec, which is getting more and more interesting. My nephew called on christmas to ask if we could all meet in montreal one nigth to have dinner as he won't be able to come up to my sister's home since he returns to vancouver on the first. So now I try to coordinate this from california, and I can sense that my sis is not too please that I should hook up with anyone else, and that this diversion will keep some folks from coming to her home. Mind you, she did not say that, but the way she said, "well do what you want, it'll be fine." (Read between the lines: your poor, abandonned sister will manage).

Cayaking in Morro Bay

Well Ok, two martinis later, remember, my "petit choux" ( a variation on Flash's greeting, instead of peas, you have all been upgraded to the status of brussel sprouts!) I drink today as I was on-call for my agency for the christmas week-end, and since the Hubby gave me some lovely Martiny glasses for a present, I must now christen them by drinking some lovely martinies made of the delicious Hendricks Gin graciously given to me by the Base Man on my birthday. That stuff is wicked! Anyway, I have spent most of the night speaking french to: my nephew, my brother, and this sweet hotel desk clerk, Abdul, as I arrange the final details of my trip and the first day being in Montreal. The hotel will be next to my bro's home and was quite expensive in Canadian dollars, but not so bad in american (Haha, a running joke with some of my canadian friends). I will keep you all posted if I can, otherwise I will post back when I return home on the 10th of January.

Here at home, we are all preparing to get seriously cold and purchasing warm clothing and boots as we do not need them in this balmy central california weather. I hope we get to snowboard, cross-country sky and slide down big hills in lots of beautiful snow! We leave Thursday afternoon, and if I can find a connected computer, I will give you all updates, and post lots of pictures! (Please remember to answer the question that started this post!, thanks!)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Not a critter was stirring all through the house


My friend the Belgian artist and her friend the teddy bear.

The Kid, her friend, and his grandmother.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at our friends' house even thougt some of the guests were missing. Mr. Loup stayed home as he felt rather sick and did not want continue passing on the flu that is already making the rounds in our area. So he stayed home and coughed and sneezed instead.

It has been two insanely busy weeks with the Holiday preparation and getting sick, hence no post from me for so long. But today, with a little bit of down time after opening present and calling some relatives, I can do a small post to wish everyone a very merry christmas even though some probably are already on boxing day!

Lots of hugs and good wishes from the P'tits family.

This one is for you, Mystic! The Cranberry tart was out of this world!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Parallel Universe?

I can't remember if I stated that here before, but the family and I will be going to Montreal for a week long visit at the first of the year. It'll be fun to see the snow and the relatives. I get to meet my two grand-nefews, and see my sister's new house. I may also get a chance to see my good friend, the Artist who also has a new house out in the country. It seems to be the new trend.

The reason I came up with this obscure title is that I called my sister to tell her that we are definitively coming and set up some loose arrangements for our time there. As usual, she was in full self depreciating form, going on and on about how miserable she is since her husband has left her, and how mean he is to her because he has a life and lots of cash (that he mostly appropriates by being less than honest in my mind) and she goes on and on. The last time I posted about my sister, Spin also had a contact with her sis, and today I find in her post that she also called her sister, hence the title. I do not mean to sound heartless toward my sister, but tonight, I finally told her that I could not continue to hear her self-depreciation that is completely related to how her ex and his family have abandonned her and how she no longer has a family (which insults me to no end, especially if you consider the ex's family, a bunch of folks, who from the manner in which they act must believe their lives are being taped for the cheesiest of soap opera). Anyway, we had about 5 minutes of real conversation and then we went back to the jeremiades of poor sis and her misfortune, having no one who can relate to her, no one who loves her and has sex with her etc, etc, etc. Does she realizes what she is saying? How many folks are out there, living in solitude? She has friends, children who adore her and visit her every chance they have, she is very comfortable, even though she complains about her lack of funds. ARG, I don't know what to do about her. And then I was thinking as the conversation goes on for ever "Why am I going to spend nearly a week with this woman?" Do I want to hear more of that, and a diatribe on how much every piece that is in her house cost her, and what, by contrast, her ex has in his house? And then she talks about how maybe she will get sick and die from all of the grief she is suffering. And she state that it has happened to others that she knows. Don't get me wrong, I certainly have experience suicidal ideation, and I know others do as well, it's just that she has to bring it up a every damn conversation! If I suggest therapy or meds, she goes on that she does not want to gain weight, and others that she knows who are taking anti-depressant are like this or like that and that.... I should stop, this ranting is just as much a waste of energy as the conversation itself. I just always feel drained after talking to her. I can spend hours treating depressed and suicidal clients, talking to friends who are experiencing set backs and struggling physically or emotionally, but it does not frustrate me, I feel empathy. But with my sis, I just feel anger and frustration. Maybe it's because I know the jerk who dumped her, I know he cheated on her long before he moved on, but she still wants him, his cash, and his manipulation. That is what I don't get. If he came to her tomorrow, she would take him in a sec. Spin and Mystic, is there enough for a reading on her? Maybe something I could take back to her and maybe something other than rationality can reach her. Although, if you read this, I probably don't sound too rational myself, as my own emotion certainly get triggered a great big deal with her.

The venting always helps, thanks guys.

Somehow, this is the perfect picture for me tonight.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Busy times

My friend the Drummer.

It seems it has been a long time since I have posted. Never fear, I have been busy reading several of the regular. You probably see my replies on your blogs.

There is not much new on my side but the drugery of work, hence few posting as I feel uninspired by the tedium. I had a fun time with friends on Tuesday though. A fundraiser for work was set up by some of the Admin where two of the women bartended all night at a local hang out, restaurant/bar, and donated all of the tips they made for the evening. They raised $600 for christmas gifts for the kids we serve. It was fun hanging out with some friends, consuming a little too much alcohol, and tipping heavily! After that event we went to Frog and Peach to continue our dedicated consumption of libation and listen to a band. The Kid came along, which was a boost. What was also especially fun was that the cousin of a young co-worker came out to me as being bi. I knew I liked that girl! Since my agency is very christian (I marvel that I am still there after 5 years, since I don't buy into religions, particularly christianity) I always expect the co-workers to be christian, so I rejoice when I find some that are not, even if it is via their relatives. I have gone dancing with this woman a few times in the past and we always had a good time, even though I could be her mom. Don't get me wrong, I am not wanting a relationship, or a fling with her, but just think she is a great person. We live in a small, conservative town, where the queer life is understated, and it is always great to meet some progressive folks. Plus, since the Kid is also queer, I love to see others to bulk up her community. Anyway. Am I making any sense? I am to myself if no-one else.

This week also, I received news from my friend in the Czech Republic, and I always enjoy that. He sent some older pics of his band and stated that he was in France for a while with a choir. I am so jealous! Even though he says that it rained all the time and he had a horrible time driving.

The other big rant: Yes, Yes, Yes, the christian agency. It gets worst and worst! The big topic this week is the dress code. We do work with many kids with sexual issues, either molest or perpetration, and we need to be mindful of what we wear, but we were assaulted this week by a new dress code where we are being encouraged to wear shirts with collars (I have never worn that in my life!) and with the agency's logo. Attention K-mart shoppers? If I wanted to wear a uniform, I'd sign up somewhere else where maybe I could get paid more. That is just a huge trigger for me, as I am a hopeless hippy. Banned are athletic shoes, and t-shirts, and a few other items. We are getting so big brother-ish it turns my stomach. Most of our workers are out in the field, working with kids, playing soccer or anyting that might keep these kids out of trouble, and are now required to change to come in the office in order to "look appropriate." One brilliant young lady stated that she will indicate on her time card the time required for her to change from one outfit to the other, because you cannot play with our kids or sit on their floors (some of which have not been vacuumed in months) in your business casual. I told her I would back her up every step of the way.

The other part ties in with the christian thing. With christmas and the whole debate in america over "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays." It has come to that. We are, by far, the most retarded nation on the face of the planet. Why on Earth does it matters how people greet you. Hyper Christian now are boycotting stores who do not state Merry christmas somewhere in their store as using happy holidays is the liberal agenda, taking the christ out of christmas. Also under fire is the practice of writing xmas instead of christmas. Hello? Are folks so bored with their empty lives that they have to go to that extent to entertain themselves. I guess I am masochistic as I read all of these letters to the editors with these inane comments and just raise my blood pressure to no end. Maybe I'm just as crazy!

One last thing. I will go for a week to visit my sis and bros over in the coldest part of the world! (well almost) Mystic, you can relate, I will go to Montreal and the area to spend some time with my siblings for the new year. I think it'll be fun and I will get to see some snow. So I'll take lots of pictures for all to see.

Sorry about the tirade, but all of the non-christians at my agency have been miserable and many are looking for new ventures and opportunities.

I'll try to post more and to come up with something fun next time.

Friday, December 02, 2005


I always marvel at how creative folks are with their posts. I just pass on my thoughts and struggles, but to each his style.

Today was a crazy day at work. Lots of calls as since one worker left, I am covering for her and helping the new woman who is coming along little by little. So I am really covering 9 families. Our program is set for each social worker to cover a maximum of 6, so it is a little crazy in my world these days. Luckily, the other new hire will start on Monday. But I still have to train her and finish the other gal's training. Also I had the pager all week, which is always nuts. Just having it is nuts because you don't know when it will go off. I only had two calls but it puts me on edge and I don't like it.

Tonigh I went out with the Kid and her new girlfriend, a very sweet gal. We had a good time getting to know each other. She is a down home good soul kind of a person and I liked her right away. Of course the Kid still has to come out to the Hubby, which now she think she should not do. I keep trying to push her on it, but she feels that he is always so depressed and upset, it would just make things worse. I told her he is like that anyway. Those of you who know him will not recognize him from that description but that is how he is most of the time and sometimes I find it hard to live with. But that is the nature of relationships, they require a lot of work. No fairy tales for the humans.

We went to this nice restaurant as there was a fundraiser around the county for AIDS Support Network. Participating restaurants donated 10% of profits to the agency for the whole day. They do it every year and different places participate. I also wanted to see an exhibit of artwork created by Cal Poly students who went to Italy last summer, but we lingered at the restaurant and they were closed by the time we got there. Maybe I can go tomorrow.

I guess I should start the christmas gift thing, but I am not into it quite yet. I need to get the stuff to mail early enough to mail it so maybe I'll get that done soon. I always wish I planned better and would make most of my gifts, but when it gets too close, I don't have time. I'll see if I can get my creative juices flowing.