Thursday, June 22, 2006

Late night musings

I find that I am a rare poster these days. Partially, I have been too busy to post much and come home exhausted, drop to the couch potato position and fall asleep shortly thereafter. My exercise routine is suffering dramatically as I am not getting up as early as usual. O well.

I had a great week-end at the music festival.

It was sweltering and we were still sweating after sundown, a very unusual thing for central california. I loved it. When our staff met a few weeks earlier I kept saying that I wanted a hot one and boy did I get a hot one! Unfortunately some folks did not do that well with the heat and several folks got sick from it :(. I had a blast the bands were good for the most part and my friends had a good time. One friend did get sick, but I believe she recovered nicely. I was great to see all of the friends who work together every year for the event, and to enjoy the music and companionship.

The other great albeit scary thing in my life is that we are buying a house. It is very nice and on a large lot for our town. There is some work to do, but not too much. We will move in next month sometime.

I also have been in touch more with my czech friend who now has access to a computer at work and it is fun to hear from him.

Workwise, it is still the same and I am looking at some possible options as my current thing is getting more and more draining. But there are some great folks still working there, and they keep my interest alive. That and the families we work with who most of the time are wonderful.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I just returned home from a lovely dinner with the Hubby and Kid. There was music and good food and a beer. The sky is thinly veiled by a semblance of fog, and the moon peaks through, half full and cheery. In the distance the ocean roars, which amazes me as the day was balmy and calm. There must have been more wind than I noticed.

All in all a lovely evening.