Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Off to Strawberry!

We leave tonight to get to the festival early in the morning and set up a good camp. We will meet some friends there and engage in mass consumptions of alcoholic beverage, various delectable food and of course let our senses be filled with musics from all kinds. I cannot wait to be embraced by the athmosphere of the festival. I see folks from this area and regulars who return each years. Jam sessions everywhere, all night long, laughter and singing, all in the amazing setting of the redwood forest and a great meadow that smells of grass. I hope it is hot, as I have been envelopped by a blanket of fog for the last month. I long for a good sweat! I have packed my sunscreen and the hubby's large brim hat should it be needed. I am ready.

I will return next Monday, so Mr.Mystic, I'll check your answer to my question then.

I wish you all carefree labor day week-ends!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Went dancing Friday night it was the last concert in the plaza for this summer. The band was very good and it was packed! Ran into lots of friends as is usually the case at those concert and expanded lots of energy to release the tension of the week. It was great. Also consumed my share of beers which is part of the tradition.

I always marvel at a crowd of dancers. It is not unlike the ocean at the beach. Our own movements slightly altered by the movements of others. The crowd parts to let a newcomer get intergrated. At times, I am surrounded by friends, next moment the crowd separates me from them. For a while I am with a group, then without. All the while being carried by the rhytm of the songs, the beat of the drum, the pulse of the bass, the charm of the voice. Simply lovely.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tag i'm it

Tag sounds like fun, although I do not know many other bloggers, but I will at least try to tag a few that have responded in the past.

"List five songs that you are currently digging - it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions and the five songs (with artist) in your blog. Then tag five people to see what they're listening to."

So many to chose from! I guess I will have to go with what I am listening to this week, or maybe even today.

#1 is "Anabelle," by the Dukhs. They are a canadian group from Alberta (or is it Manitoba?) They perform a lot of very traditional songs from quebec and canada, a sorta Celtish style to their music. I just love this particular song about mourning.

#2 would be "Promeny," (which means Transformations) by Czechomor, a recent discovery for me since going to Czech Republic. Can't be found in the US yet, but those lucky ones on the other side of the Atlantic may be able to find them. They are fantastic and are trying to come to the US soon. They also have a Celtish type of music and this piece features their female singer. She is awesome.

#3 I'd have to revert to an old favorite: "I'm feeling Good," by Nina Simone. It is about a slave being freed and is just beautiful. In a spin class a while ago the instructor used it for the hardest workout of the day. It made the strenous "climb" very easy as I truly get lost in that song, it is fantastic.

#4 I choose "It's my Culture" by Crown City Rocker. This is an amazing Hip-Hop group that graces my little town with their presence periodically. Their CD is a must, and I've listened to it a lot this week.

#5 Last but not least "The great gig in the Sky" from Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon. I have always enjoyed that one and recently rebought the album as I was missing it. I would just love to be able to belt out one like that; unfortunately, a singer I am not.

daisy mae

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Long day

Today was long and difficult. Starting with a problem with a client that took most of the day to resolve, with only mixed success, and we will revisit tomorrow. I also was told by my supervisor that he can always tell when I am frustrated! Not a good thing in my line of work, although there is something to say about being bluntly honest I guess. To top it off, I had a meeting with a local organization that went on for two hours, because everyone talks on top of each other. I was getting very frustrated as we could have been done in a lot less time. The group, with the exception of one woman, are all little old biddy that want everything done their own way and cannot listen to one another. And I am supposed to lead this group. Argh! However, despite it all we did get something accomplished, so I should not feel to bad.

I did get a breath of fresh air with an e-mail from the Pro, a new friend from Czech Republic. It was good to hear from him and to know he is doing well and maybe coming to visit. That would be fun.

I have been looking at the new picture I put up in my profile space, and although I love this picture, the size does not do it justice. The moon is invisible and I may have to get a new one that looks better in the small format.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fun times

Whew, I don't post half as much as I would like too it seems. There are always some tasks to be done that take me away from those I enjoy, like work! I have had a number of very domesticated dreams lately. One night I dreamt I was preparing my traditional Thanksgiving feast, only to find that I did not have the right mushrooms, no chestnuts and a host of other things were going wrong, like the huge turkey was not yet in the oven when the guests arrived! Since half or more of the guests are vegetarian, I don't know why I was so stressed about it in my dream! Another night in the same week, I was doing laundry and there was some major catastrophe with that as well, although I do not remember what. It sent me analysing myself and I find it a good methaphor for how I have been feeling penned in my role at this time of my life. I know I mentioned somewhere else that I am at a crux in my life having spent 25 years in my native land of Canada and another 25 here in the states. Any suggestions as what other meanings these dreams may have?

On another note, this week-end was rather fun, spending one day with the daughter listening to a group that called themselves "the worst in the world." They were not that bad, but really funny. We also had a celebration with all of the folks from our trip last month. It was great to see almost everyone and to hear them sing one more time. We had a huge bar-b-que and shared some pictures. It was great to reminisce too and to hear from many folks involved that they also felt their experience was life altering. We planned many other get together and I hope that we do stay in touch.

I top the week-end by taking the pager for a week. I always dislike doing this because of the added stress. I find my work stressful enough, but to be on-call just takes it to a new dimension that makes me bristle. At least we now can take it for three or four day at a time. We used to have to do a whole week, and I would not do well with that. Monday morning came and I was ready to blow a gasket. I guess there is progress. I am also saddened that one of my co-workers has decided to move on in about three months. I appreciate the long warning time which will allow us to prepare, but at the same time, I will be very sad to see her go as she was a great fit for our agency. =(

Well I will see what the week brings next. No plans, no great concert, not much to look forward to.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Music Music and More Music

Since getting the Ipod last week, I have listened to more music than ever. It is great to tune out all the Blabla at the office as I am ever sought out by office mates for numerous and inconsequentials queries!
Also I have been to two concerts one last night and one tonight. Last night I saw the always wonderful Crow City Rockers from Oakland. They come down the SLO way every few months. They were awesome as always. They have an amazing keyboardist who is a lovely young lady. And for Hip Hop they have amazingly upbeat lirycs. I danced with the kid and saw many friends. It was great. Tonight I saw a swing band in the plaza. Every Friday night here in town we have concerts during the summer. It was packed and I saw a host of friends. I do love living in a small community. No matter where you go, you always see folks that you know and can hook up with. I had another great chat with Herr Choir director and just listened to a superb brass section. It was great. Tomorrow I travel south to Santa Barbara with the Kid and we will attend a party and do some shopping and I don't know what else. Should be a fun way to spend a Sunday.
I find a good dance night does wonder for the end of the week blah. I had to do the work of 4 this week as everyone was on vaca. Kept me busy, but not entirely out of trouble!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Always something new

Well today I gave the Christian at work something to talk about. As a new duty at work, I started today to lead the all-staff meeting and the topic today was the dress code. To make a point and also because I am a closet actress, I dressed the part of what our employees should not do to go work with their clients. (Some of which have serious traumas and severe behaviours). I wore a tank top (the shelf bra kind) a very short beach skirt and some flip-flop high heels that I barely can walk in to complete the ensemble. I did get a lot of giggles since as a supervisor, I usually dress less casually, although I do wear this outfit when on vacation somewhere warm enough. It was fun, but I did feel uncomfortable at work wearing that. Then I was wondering why that was, since I am not usually easily uncomfortable or shy. I guess the austere atmosphere is catching on to me. It may be time to move on when I notice that I considerably alter my natural inclination to "fit in" the work place. This must be the theme of the day as I also read Spinsterwitch's post for the day too. I hate censoring myself too. Although, in my line of work, I have to do a fair share of that. A friend used to say that speaking without swearing is like eating unspiced food. I like that saying and I love to cuss too. But at work, I have to titrate my tirades (ha ha, an alliteration) to please all of the sensitive ears that surrounds me. Thank goodness the closest workers are ok with it. I even have now heard my boss cuss a few time when referring to some of our community partners who insist on seeing our clients in a very negative light. I love that we are influencing him to come to the dark side!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I broke down

I bought an i-pod. I have loaded tons of good tunes already and am enjoying it immensely. I am trying to reward myself to get up the courage to take my next test towards licencing. I have been studying some but not enough yet. (I am reminded of Strider's words in Lork of the Ring "Are you frightened? well you are not frightened enough yet!) Spinsterwitch and Hippychick know what I mean. I need a lot of comforting to get myself to the point where I will take that sucker!!

I had a great day driving up to Big Sur for a book signing at the Henry Miller Library. It was lots of fun to see old friends and to meet new ones. We then had dinner at the Deetjen's Big Sur Inn where I feasted on pasta with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms sauce. Yummy! The drive back home was great, with good music on the stereo and a glorious sundown, not sunset (still sitting out the fog) but the moon getting close to full did look great over the ocean as I drove down highway one, and the traffic coming back was a lot better than getting there with all the tourist who drive 20 miles an hour and break at each turns!!! I can't wait to read my friend's book, which portrays several folks I know from my times as a hippy in Big Sur. Still feeling the effects of a little too much wine, I think I will turn in soon.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rock on

I arrive home tonight to find the neighbors rocking out to Led Zeppelin and other choice loud music. It sorta was fun to hear all the oldies, especially since I was in the mood for a flashback, having listened to "Dark Side Of The Moon" at work. Someone played it a little while ago and I remembered how much I like that album and went and purchased the CD. Every now and then you have to shake the system a bit. Several of my co-workers who always come in my office for info and supervision, most of whom are quite young, are always amazed that the old chicky is listening to rock and roll. I'm the one who was a teen and young adult when that stuff came out! I love to see their expression at the revelation that I'm not a Christian Rock (I work at a mostly Christian agency) or Sinatra fan! Even my boss was in to discuss some issues we are having with a partner agency, but he didn't bat an eye! He is the epitomy of suave. The Spin Doctor also continues to bring some new titles that keep my office mate and I on the cutting edge of cool music. We sit there reading and writing notes about mental health interventions with our clients while grooving to jazz, funk, rock, world music, some hip hop, and whatever else gives us a good beat. I always have liked shocking people, and that is my little benign kick these days.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ode to Fog

I do love our little town, but really, since coming back from vaca two and a half weeks ago, all we see is fog! Today, a little treat, we had some sunshine for about 4 hours! Woohoo! At one point, it was very weird because on one side of the house it was sunny and on the other it was foggy!

Other than that it was a very blah day. I picked up some kind of a trojan horse last night and it wiped out a lot of internet and e-mail stuff. I still have to fix my e-mail account and the hubby spent the day putsing with a guy from Nova Scotia trying to reinstall some stuff. A whole day later, I'm not sure what we have or if the system is stable. We shall see.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Los Lonely Boys

Oh yeah, I forget to mention that I went to see Los Lonely Boys on Wednesday with little cutie, my daughter. They were very amazing. I especially like how the guitarist styles himself after Carlos Santana. Toward the end of the show, they had their father (yes they are brother) on stage singing with them, it was very cute even though his songs sound like Louis Ortega coming out of prison! The show was at the mid-state fair, spinsterwitch will appreciate the scene. The arena that is used for rodeos during the days is a concert venue at night. The dirt floor of the arena smelled strongly of horse shit, but other than that the concert was great!

Tonight I went to concert in the plaza in SLO, but the band was terrible and I left. I also got a call and I am on-call this week-end for my agency. My least favorite part of the job. Let's hope it is a slow week-end.

Blue Saga

I have not been posting at all lately. I continue to miss my vacation and wished I was still in the alps, listening to great music and enjoying the surrounding beauty! I filled the time with work, going to concerts, and catching up on the third season of "Six feet under." I also spent a lot of time working on getting a package together for a new friend in the Czech Republic that consisted of many CD's, some submitted by my good friend and co-worker the Spin Doctor. That is the one thing that there is at work that keeps me coming back, some good folks. Not all of them, we have several "Bushies" that just turn my stomach when they talk about how "great he is" and other nonsensical bull. At least we have a good group that can vent on the issues du jour. Such as Bolton making it in the United Nations (what a farce), and Bush stating that he really want to support school districts who will include "intelligent design" in their curriculum. Bleeech!

I continue to feel very estranged in this country. I feel that I have reached a turning point. Could this be that I am turning fifty this year and have spent my life in two halves: one canadian half until I was twenty-five; and the other the american half, until now? I feel the familiar nomadic itch telling me it is time to move. Do I want to spend the rest of my life as it is today? I have to face the fact that I realistically only have about another 20 years to live if that much. Both my folks died at very early ages (in their 50's) and the chances that I make it way past 70 is remote to say the least. Do I want a chance to experience everything that I possibly can, or do I want to stay put and routinely wait for death to take me? I feel like a terrified horse who just want to run as fast as I can in search of the exciting, the new, the undiscovered.

Yet I have spent the last 10 years studying and establishing a career that is still new, albeit not exactly what I had hoped for. But I am seduced by the road not taken, by the circumvented possibilities, by the unknown, and I want to go explore this huge world we at best can expect to taste only a puny slice in our lifetime.

I forget who sings: Should I stay or should I go? Forget "to be or not to be," what you do with the "to be" is the question.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Great show

I just saw Issa Bagayogo, a musician from Mali and he was wonderful. I dance until I was drenched in sweat! He will be at Yoshi on Tuesday for those who live in the Bay Area. That is a show not to miss. All of my little town was there and they very much enjoyed the show. My friend the Spin Doctor did a great job of setting up the show and bringing this great performer to our town. He brings exceptional music to our neck of the woods about once a month and I am sure to be there everytime.

A long time acquaintance was there too and it is funny to see the folks motivation for dancing. Some are very transparent in how they seem to want to attract a certain response, other just dance for the shear enjoyment of the dance and music. I love people watching and a good dance session is no exception. Of course there is this other friend who is the most guarded person I have ever met, he did not venture a dance despite the very inspiring music. Oh well to each is own. I enjoyed myself immesely and was in great need of a release of energy. I'll see how I do at work tomorrow though!