Wednesday, February 21, 2007

100 goes unnoticed

I did not even notice that I reached the 100 mark on my postings! Oh well, it's not the numbers that counts I guess.

I just finished a wonderful book by Ursula LeGuin. I'm unsure if I have read other books by her. For sure I have been familiar with her name, but could not tie it to any novel I may have read. The Left Hand of Darkness I found immensely moving and captivating. I could not wait to read the next installment and at the same time wanted to delay it to savor the world contained within. It is not particularly long and I was finished way to quickly. I am rereading passaged as they were so well writen. I think I will look her up for more. Some aspects of this story reminded me of Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time. In that both have worlds where sexual differences are nonexistant. However, the heart of the inhabitant of Gethen is much like the heart of humans as we know it. Filled with doubt, and fears, and also hatred. Piercy's book depict emotionally strong folks, if I remember correctly, who contributed to the evolution of the world they inhabit. Maybe that reflection on the human soul is what made this novel so touching to me; showing us with all our weaknesses, our pain, our fragility. I recommend it highly.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Yeah, back at the top where I belong.

Just wanted to share my exitement at having figured out how to get my blog back where it belongs!

Also, yesterday I paid my first rent for my private practice office! I have one day a week in a shared office which is very nicely decorated. I now am a little overwhelmed with the idea of having to design a business card and doing some advertisement of some sort. Can't wait to have my first client!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Blogger sucks!

Again tonight I takes four or five time to sign on! That is very frustrating.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about is that I just love the Women Studies class more and more. The students are great. Today we watched Still Killing Us Softly, a film about women's portrayal in publicity and discussed how pervasive it is. One man in the class said that he does not watch television or goes to see films because of the negative influence of the media. But I replied that even at that, there are billboard on the side of the roads (less here than in large cities, but still) adds in the newspaper when we read the news, it's on the city bus, the sides of buildings, stores where we buy clothes etc, etc. I think the guys in the class were really shocked by the contents of the adds depicted. I told them of the add campaing of GAP a few years back when the models were so thin, several folks I know and I were revolted. It was a great class.
I'm also reading something called Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation a collection of essays that is riveting. I might assign some of them to students in addition to the text which is copious amount of reading for this level. I think they can handle the challenge.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Google account and other rants

I am not a big fan of the new blogger. I am having a few wierd things going on such as my page being at the bottom of the browser, and not being able to sign in event with the right info! Anyway, hope they get it figured out or we'll need new blog spaces!

Yesterday I went on a quest for the perfect tea kettle having burned and killed our old one. I was just looking for something simple, somewhat stylish and primarily functional. I went to six stores, starting with Ross of course, then Bed, Bath and the ugly, Gottschalk, World Market, Mervyn's, and finally Ralph, only to find no suitable kettle. Most were overpriced, none were stylish, although I'm sure many thought they were supposed to be, and the rest were so poorly built that the floor demos were all broken. (What can you do to a kettle that would break it other than burning it!?) Anyway, I came home empty handed and will have to pursue my quest some more another time.

I almost successfully was able to avoid the "SuperBowl Madness" by leaving my house during the game, the hubby is a fan. Stores were mostly empty for my browsing pleasure, and not until I waited for my sushi order to be ready did I see some of the game.

I also purchased some gifts for my brothers both of whom have birthdays this month. I did find some wooden puzzles of asian birds and carp which they should enjoy since we spent a lot of our childhood constructing various animals in balsa wood or cardboard. I would like a puzzle like that if I received one. At the post office, when I was mailing them, I was asked if they were for a child. Why should kids have all the fun? Granted they should have plenty, but so should adults.

Well time to get ready for my fitness class. I have not been lately due to feeling under the weather. I'm a little better, but still not 100%. Can't wait for that one!

Oh I found an "all Quebec" you tube which I am enjoying immensely.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Go down, way down

I'm not sure what happened with my last post, but it is way at the bottom of the page. Obviously the new blogger still has somethings to figure out!

Big Rabbits

Hummm, not sure why my post is way down here!

This morning I read with some sadness that some man from Germany has developped the largest Rabbits on the planet and he will be traveling to North Korea to start a new strain of extremely large rabbits there to help feed the population. :( Although I do eat meat of many variety, after having rabbits for pets for several years I have a difficult time in thinking of them as food, although I have eaten them in the past, pre-pet days. They are so sweet and loving, it's hard to see them as food.

Here is a link provided by Rabbits and Toyen. Try and see what sign you are. Figure I would have something to do with cats!


You look for balance and harmony, anxious, devoted. Often rash and impatient.

Colors: male: yellow ochre, female: grey
Compatible Signs:
Sekhmet, Horus
Jul 14 - Jul 28, Sep 23 - Sep 27, Oct 3 - Oct 17

Role: Goddess of cats, women, and secrets
Cat or cat-headed woman
Sacred animals:

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