Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rock on

I arrive home tonight to find the neighbors rocking out to Led Zeppelin and other choice loud music. It sorta was fun to hear all the oldies, especially since I was in the mood for a flashback, having listened to "Dark Side Of The Moon" at work. Someone played it a little while ago and I remembered how much I like that album and went and purchased the CD. Every now and then you have to shake the system a bit. Several of my co-workers who always come in my office for info and supervision, most of whom are quite young, are always amazed that the old chicky is listening to rock and roll. I'm the one who was a teen and young adult when that stuff came out! I love to see their expression at the revelation that I'm not a Christian Rock (I work at a mostly Christian agency) or Sinatra fan! Even my boss was in to discuss some issues we are having with a partner agency, but he didn't bat an eye! He is the epitomy of suave. The Spin Doctor also continues to bring some new titles that keep my office mate and I on the cutting edge of cool music. We sit there reading and writing notes about mental health interventions with our clients while grooving to jazz, funk, rock, world music, some hip hop, and whatever else gives us a good beat. I always have liked shocking people, and that is my little benign kick these days.


Blogger spinsterwitch said...

Well, you know my inner 15 year-old boy has been kicking up my music this past year or so. Crazy fun, that.

I do love The Dark Side of the Moon.

8:34 AM  

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